Fructair: an ultra compact design that places special emphasis on manoeuvrability, ruggedness and userfriendliness.
With the Fructair, Berthoud offers several simple and innovative solutions designed to simplify the implementation of good spraying practices.
With its wide choice of models, capacities, equipment and options, Fructair offers a complete range of sprayers designed to precisely meet the specific needs of each user.

On the journal

Quadbike Sprayers

TECHNICAL Standard features include 75 litre tank with fill level gradients & efficient drain sump• 4 litre handwash tank 15 l/min. 12v electric pump (13 l/min. at 3 bar, 12...

CV Self Propelled Sprayer

The Landquip CV self propelled sprayer is a fully hydrostatic machine. A hydraulically driven wheel motor on each wheel provides the drive eliminating the need for a mechanical axle. This increases...

Multidrive Forward Control Demount

The stainless steel tank is perfectly positioned to offer even weight distribution  - 50/50 on each axle - a first for the Forward Control Multidrive and making it a 'go...

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