Magrow for Potato Growers

Magrow for Potato Growers

What problems does Magrow solves for potato growers?

During spraying, up to 70% of plant protection products do not reach the crop. This is because most of the spray can drift in the air or wind or bounce off, or miss the plant entirely and enter the soil instead, damaging the environment. 

This is a major and persistent problem because t is expensive, harmful, wasteful and risky

Protection is reduced, the crop and the related investment are at risk quality and yield can be jeopardised. Expensive resources like chemical inputs, water, time and, perhaps most of all, money is wasted. Magrow technology helps solves this problem. 


How Does Magrow Technology Help?

The Magrow Tec system helps by creating more of the optimum-sizes spray droplets during spraying - the best type that aren't too big or too small - ensuring that more of the spray goes onto the weeds, crop canopy, buds, flowers, stalk, fruit or vegetable product itself or soil, giving better coverage nd more protection.

What is Magrow Technology?

Magrow is a unique and patented solution that works on seed, wre and starch potatoes. It can be fitted to any make or model of field boom sprayer of any boom length. 

With only 2 main components, it's very simple design and can be fitted to any new or existing sprayer and works with multiple nozzles. It has no moving parts, does not need a power supply, is not electronic or computer/ internet based and requires hardly any maintenance. 

Magrow had been proven by customers in the field and has been validated by scientific testing and research.


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