Testing and studies are important to prove that Magrow works. Our Crop Science team carry out regular rigorous and professional trials and studies to show how effective Magrow is. We encourage studies to be carried out, and the results made available to highlight the efficacy and add to the growing bank of study data.

  1. A recent study showed that Magrow technology improved coverage by 28% when sprayed with the same rate and same nozzle as the conventional set-up. Using Magrow's technology with alternative nozzles increased coverage even more versus the conventional spray with the original nozzle. See chat 1 
  2. Another potato study revealed that Magrow significantly improved disease control with a reduction in aggregated Late blight rank of -69.33%. See chart 2 
  3. A study in Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands) found that, amongst other things, a Magrow sprayed potato still achieved a slightly higher marketable yield that the conventionally sprayed crop even though the MagrowTec sprayer sprayed at a 25% lower rate,
  4. Finally, a potato customer cut their chemical and water usage and spend between 20% and 25% and had no negative impact on the crop. 

Why invest in MagrowTec?

MagrowTec works on many types of crops, but it has proved itself to be particularly beneficial for disease control in seed, ware and starch potatoes due to the high levels of disease caused by Potato Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans) and the associated high costs. Its canopy-penetration ability, increased spray coverage and protection reduces the impact of this potentially devastating disease, and also reduces the amount needed to be spent on pesticides, ultimately delivering a rapid a rapid return-on-investment. 

It gives potato growers a competitive advantage by allowing them to save on chemical input, improve efficacy, conserve water and reduce spray-drift, with no negative impact on the crop or increased risk to the finical investment.

It produces and delivers a better spray droplet, profile reducing spray-drift by up to 70% and improving coverage by 20% or more so growers can reduce their pesticides spending by 20% or more. 

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